Broker OlympTrade Review

What is Olymp Trade?

The minimum deposit starts at 10 dollars / 350 rubles. For the options trading, bet at least 1 dollar / 30 rubles. The maximum profit from one transaction is 90%. As a training option, the broker offers to open the demo account. This is a brief description of Olymp Trade. Now is more detail about it.

Is it possible to do well by Olymp Trade?

So what is Olymp Trade? It is the broker, brokerage services, call it whatever you please, but the point stands. Binary options work is available on the site. The company offers advantageous conditions to both traders and investors. Financial assets are represented in a wide range:

  • Currency pairs;

  • Raw positions;

  • Precious metals;

  • Company shares. 

The status, brand, popularity are the primary search criteria of the appropriate option.

In selecting an asset, take account of the profitability! Many beginners fail because of it. Demand, supply, volatility of the same asset differs depending on the session, time of day. Yield and liquidity are also changing. Take this into account!

Advantages of the minimum deposit

In the broker’s interest, the minimum deposit size is set. This is the first thing that attracts the attention of new traders. They deposit the allowed amount which let’s start the trading. Why is this happening? Investors have no experience, budget and willingness to take risks. But every trader wants to try his hand at the options trading. That is why the choice is made from among the brokers, which offer optimal conditions. The smaller the deposit, the lower the risk is. 

All you need is 10 dollars to start the trading on Olymp Trade. The broker is focused on Russian-speaking traders. The trading floor is in demand in the CIS. The user can choose the currency to open the account. The most popular variant is the national currency, i.e. Russian ruble. If you selected it, have 350 rubles that are the minimum deposit. The rate amount will follow. The minimum is 30 rubles or 1 dollar. Even if you are zero at trading, you can risk that amount.

Trading floor for mobile devices

If you are away from the computer, do not worry. It is possible to trade through modern gadgets. Olymp Trade offers mobile trading. The special offer is geared to your devices. The program can be downloaded from the official website of the broker. Select the version for the appropriate operating system. The developers have made it possible to trade using the tablet and the smartphone (on iOS, Android). 

Mobile trading is convenient. You can always monitor the market situation changes, even as there is no computer nearby. Don't miss the advantageous conditions for the transaction! Get a profit wherever you are! It can be done where you want: at home, at work, on a walk, at the dacha, in a park. 

Computer and mobile versions look alike, including functionality. Traders have access to opening transactions, the asset choice, the analysis of the market movements, making rates, choosing a time frame, the expiration duration. A stable Internet connection is what you need for mobile trading. Traders who give preference for trading through a smartphone choose the turbo option. The transaction time is short, so you can earn enough profit for the short time period. Trade as often as you wish it!


Does the broker care about the traders?

Definitely, yes! Everyone interested can take free training. The target is to become competent in finance and the options trading. Useful information on the topic is available on the official website of the broker. What do these or those terms mean? What are the trading methods? How is to use technical indicators? Read articles, watch movie tutorials, take part in webinars! Beginner traders get advice and follow the recommendations of experienced users. Experts share their opinions, and professionals do theoretical knowledge.

How are things with the technical support and the demo account?

If you have questions during the interaction with the broker, contact the technical support specialists. Call the operator by telephone, use the hotline. You can write a letter and email it or leave a message in the online chat. Support works round the clock, provides prompt replies to questions. However, difficult the problem may be, specialists will solve it.

Another feature is the demo account. You can become its owner free. Trade in the financial market and you needn’t take any risks! The account and the currency are virtual. Get enough experience to try real trading! When using the demo account, pay attention to the technical indicators! Test trading techniques! 

What bonus promotions and tournaments does the broker conduct?

Each trader can receive a nice bonus from Olymp Trade. Tournaments and promotions are a frequent occurrence on the trading floor. What do the winners receive? Money, valuable presents. With such gifts, it is easy to raise income. The options trading becomes more efficient.

Among the interesting features of traders are cancelling/refund of the transaction. With this function, investors minimize losses. In case of a losing trade, you receive compensation. The broker partially or fully returns the funds;

Trading signals. They are in demand among newcomers to the world of trading. They have no experience in the options trading. To make a good transaction, users may focus on signals, which are ready analytical data. Not only beginners but also people who have no time to analyze the market situation are turning to them.

So, after the review of the trading floor, we can make a conclusion about the reliability of Olymp Trade. The broker has the Russian license. The money and the certificate are in the European bank. Traders entrust their own funds to the site. Extended functionality allows partners and investors to work in the conditions of their own financial gain.  

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