24option review

24option is based in Cyprus and 100% web-based. It is one of the bigger brokers on the market today. There has been many good review by clients, especially with the multiple languages to choose and easy trading experience.

The company was founded at the end of 2010 and has a lot of funds behind it. There are 3 types of options available to trade: High / Low, One Touch and Boundary. This is more than what is provided on many of the other platforms.

According to their website you can trade forex options, stocks options, index options and commodity options. In the money pay out up to 88%, but in cases that you trade ends out of the money you will lose your invested capital on this trade. *Trading Binary Options involves substantial risk and may lead to loss of all invested capital.
Multilingual, around theclock Support:
The 24option site and multilingual support desk are available around the clock forany issues/concerns you may have:
We speak English, Spanish,Romanian, Japanese, French, Turkish and Italian!

Things you won’t findanywhere but at 24option.com:
Threedifferent types of trading instruments:

AHigh/Low instrument is one which is written around the current marketprice and allows the user to decide whether the market will by Higheror Lower at expiration relative to the current market price.

A One Touch instrument is one which is written around the target price and whoseoutcome depends on whether the market price reaches or does not reachthe target price prior to the expiry of the option.

ABoundary instrument is one which is written around two target prices(a lower and an upper target) together forming a boundary range. Theoutcome of this option depends upon the market price at expirationrelative to the boundary range.

Buy Back Options:
Thisfeature allows you to take out your money before the Binary Optionexpires. This means that at any given time, before it expires you candecide to withdraw your money, and receive your return.

Unique Advantages:
  • 24/7 Multilingual Support
  • VIP Account Management
  • Best Deposit Bonuses available on the Market!
  • Extensive Affiliate Program
  • Highest Returns in the shortest time frame
  • Easy deposit/withdrawal methods
  • Various forms of trading instruments

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