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As you are now entering the world of Binary options, you probably have heard how quickly Binary options trading is becoming a large trend worldwide, many Binary options brokers have given the best Binary options strategies a trader can use to excel in the Binary options market. When you learn these Binary options strategies and add them to your trading knowledge, you will find how easy and profitable Binary options tradings really are. Below are six Binary options strategies given to help you along the path of successful trading. 

Well known Binary options strategies

Bungee Option trading strategy: though this Binary option strategy may differ from trader to trader, the basic concept is the same all over the world. In Binary options trading there can be only two possible outcomes (a win or a loss) and the turnover is quick. It is because of the high returns and quick time on expiry that draws investors to the bungee options strategy. With the bungee option strategy it can yield so high that it is difficult to calculate the value of its return. The Bungee option is also known as the bungee bets which are a fixed term, fixed payout investment. This option is different due to the short term duration of your investment which is 5 min, 15 min or hourly. This strategy is a quick way to profit with binary options.
The 60 seconds strategy: one of the strategies of binary options 60 seconds involve the trending of events and economic real time news, trend markets and stock news releases. Traders must, in general, play quick positions in trading 60 seconds and click on the trend, not adjacent to it. As the trend goes on, its possible to take advantage of it on every minute.
The Hedging Strategy: This binary options strategy is merely an investor locking in their profits. For this particular binary options strategy you can wait mere minutes from the expiry time and sell part of it off just incase it turns the opposite way, while keeping the remainder in to make even more of a profit if your asset stays in the money. Using this binary options strategy you can sell out before expiry (basically taking back your initial investment) and let the rest ride.
The Reversal: The reversal binary option strategy is the most popular with the binary options traders. Traders watching their chosen asset see that its price suddenly moves in a certain direction and sees that it is highly unlikely to stay at this peak and possibly move towards its original trading price, the investor will quickly buy a call or put option depending on whether the price of the chosen asset has risen abruptly or fallen abruptly.

Here is a good example of this Binary options strategy:

say you decide to trade in a certain asset that has stayed consistent at 1000 and then quickly jumps to 1500 with in a short time period and then sudden jumps back to 1000, your best choice is to quickly purchase the option when it is close to its original point of 1000.
The Straddle: This Binary options strategy is able to yield double profitable returns for investors. While the straddle Binary options strategy may be more complex it is still a favourite for people who like to trade quickly and confidently. The straddle is when you would pair both a call and a put option on the same asset. This meaning you would straddle the asset at both a high and low point (meaning between the two prices) so that you create a nested position and ultimately a double success for your time of expiry.
Double Trade: This Binary option strategy is also known as the pairing strategy and usually only used by investors who have an advanced awareness of the financial market. For the double trade binary options strategy you would purchase an asset and observe the trade proceeding in your favour which you would then choose to purchase another option with the same asset. This will increase your profit on your original investment as you now have to trades in play.
For example:
You purchase $100 on a put option for an asset trading at 5,000 and before the expiry time your trade starts to go in your favour but still trading below the asset closing price you decide to purchase another put option of the same asset to double your trade.
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Market Pull Strategy: This Binary options strategy is amongst the favourite of the Binary options strategies and also a useful tactic that a skilled trader likes to apply to any asset. You will find that by following news headlines, you will see that a move in a certain asset has a knock off effect to another asset. This means that a trader would invest in either a call or put based on dramatic changes in the markets. Stock prices also affect index prices and a countries asset and can also affect the price of commodities.
An example of a market pull strategy is when you listen to the news and hear the value of the Dollar is dropping, you would purchase a put option of USD/EU. This strategy shows that you believe from the news report that the paired currencies will drop in price.
The above mentioned Binary options strategies make it easy to make a huge profit in quick turnover time. Just remember what works for one does not necessarily mean it will work for another, so choose your own Binary options strategy that is best for you.
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Knowledgeable Binary options Strategies:

Day trading in Binary options is one of the fastest growing investments in the market providing a profitable income using Binary options strategies and platforms. Therefore as a new comer to the Binary options market this is a simple investment that you can do yourself. Below you will find three major reasons why Binary options are considered so simple to invest in.
Knowledge: Knowledge is considered the main stepping stone to success with Binary options. It is in your best interest to analyze the exact amount that you will gain or lose before you invest any money into Binary options. This is the good part about Binary options as you can see the profit and loss you will receive online before making your trade. This will help you with your decisions on your investments, and reducing the risk of losing your investment.
Limited Assets: Most Binary options brokers provide only a limited number of assets to their investors, which is a good thing due to the fact that a new comer to Binary options would find it difficult to choose from a larger number of assets.
Limited Research: Before you make any investment choice, it is important to do proper research on any asset you wish to choose for the investment you wish to make. Doing proper searches on your chosen asset will help in making your investment decisions with binary options profitable. The internet is one of the best places to research an asset as well as the morning market reports on the news channels or morning papers. Researching helps you keep track on the current market conditions helping you invest on the right asset at the right time.
No matter which day trading you are involved in there is obviously going to be some sort of risk even in Binary options trading. How you manage your risk will determine the profits you can earn from your trade. For a person who is successful in choosing the price movements on an asset has the benefit of getting a high return of 70%-85%, and if the price movement that they predicted was wrong then they will only lose their initial investment or a percentage depending if your Binary options broker offers an out of the money refund of 5%-15%.
Binary options day trading requires you to have a better knowledge of the economic variables and internal and external factors that can change the prices of any asset. You should also make sure you have some good knowledge of any company that you choose to invest in.
Just remember that Binary options trading are simple, profitable and anyone can trade them if they learn the right strategies. Learning Binary options strategies are there for a little help to get you moving ahead with your financial profits, you just have to pick the best binary option strategy for you. You and only you can see which strategy will work for you and that will give you profit and worthwhile trading results.

Advantages to Binary Options Day Trading

High Yields: For new comers to the Binary options market, you will find that Binary options trading can be a good money turnover. Binary options trading is quickly becoming popular for many traders as the profit on your original investment can be anywhere from 70%-85% (depending on your chosen Binary options trader online) on your original investment. Even if your asset prediction is wrong you can only lose your initial investment and even some online Binary options brokers offer anywhere from 5%-15% payout on an out of the money trade.
Quick Turnovers: Binary options day trading is one of the quickest forms of return for any successful trader. Binary options trades can expire hourly or daily, meaning you will not have to wait months for a return on your initial investment. Due to this hourly payout on successful trades, this is why it is making binary options online so attractive to the trading community.
Assets to Trade and their Availability: Most all binary options brokers have limited number of securities available to choose from (ranging up to 50 assets) this making it easier to choose an asset due to not a lot of choice. Binary options brokers will only use companies that are well known and have high growth expectancy. Three main examples of the companies available to invest in are Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
Low Entry Investment: Anybody entering into Binary options online can do so with a low trade value of $100. You will find that due to knowledge and choosing your investment entry price, this is why binary options are becoming more and more attractive to investors everywhere. The fact you choose the entry amount (only what you can afford to trade) makes Binary options online so attractive.
Benefits for Binary Options Traders:
The advantages a Binary option trade gives you is the main reason they are becoming more and more popular. Binary options are cost efficient, as well as low risk and have the potential for high return and flexibility if the trade is successful. The best advantage for Binary options trading is to make a quick profit within a short period of time such as within one hour.
The big advantage for investors trading in Binary options is that you trade whatever amount you would like to without limitations. You also have the choice with binary options to choose the time period of your chosen asset from one hour, whole day, weeks or months. These two options make it easy for a trader to choose his asset comfortably and try to stay in the money. The other good reason for trading Binary options is it is fun, exciting and makes high profits.
As you have now read the various Binary options strategies available for you, you can now use them to help you enhance your funds, and all you need to do is find which strategy is best suited to you. If you really take the time to learn everything we have offered you here on our site, then your Binary options strategies will have a higher likelihood of offering you success and if done right you will see your money profit hourly.
So now you know the strategies and main attractions to binary options online, you should next find a Binary options broker and their assets they offer for trading, then start looking at some of those assets online and see how they trade. Start watching the daily market updates and get a feel for the Binary options trading world. There is more information available on our site to help you along, and remember you can always come back at any time to refresh your memory or just in case we do any updates to the binary options strategies to easily help you out.

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